Valley creek Magic Mike

Joined our stud in April 2017, purchased from the Valley creek stud in NSW as a 12 month old, he will add an out cross to our herd whilst still keeping the coat colour that we are trying to achieve here. He's got an exceptional temperament and has had a successful show career. we look forward to seeing his progeny arrive june 2018


Damelee Just A Country Boy

Sire: Woonallee Favourite                                                                                  

Has been used for three years now at Damelee, We love this bull. His daughters have been exceptional, maternal, with plenty of softness and awesome temperament. 

semen is available $30 per straw

Woonallee Favourite F108

Our new herd sire purchased from Woonallee in February 2012. He is a beautiful natured bull, incredibly soft, polled and extremely thick.

Grand champion bull and supreme exhibit at Royal Adelaide show 2011 at 13 months of age.

Sire: Corindadowns Deliver

Dam: Woonallee polly c110

 Semen $30 per straw 

AI Sires 2013 

Damelee Ellay E002

Used over select cows and heifers in 2010. This bull keeps getting better and better.He has good muscle, polled and is nice and soft to go with it. Full Black breeding on his sires side.

Damelee Elite E001

Very muscular bull with a very docile nature. Used as a back up sire after Ai and over our cross bred herd. He is by Woonallee Boulder out of Woonalle pennyC122 who we purchased in 2009 as a ptic Heifer.

Brewers Bandit c104

This bull has performed well in our herd with great calves on the ground, all are dark coloured with good eye pigment. He is a very soft easy doing bull.

Bar 5 P SA Evolution 41s         Polled fleck Full Blood

We have used evolution in our 2010 Ai Program

Double Bar D Maddox        Homo polled fleck fullblood

Maddox has been used with great results over heifers in 2009. All calved at 2 years of age unassisted. Calves are quick growing and have good pigmentation.

Bar 5 Expert           Polled Fleck Fullblood

2011 AI Program 

Nicholls Manifest          Black Simmental

Used in our 2011 Ai Program

Prostock Hugo            Polled Fleck Fullblood

Used in our 2011 Ai program 

LBR Crockett         Polled Red Simmental

Used in our 2011 Ai program

LRX Kegger 48p

Kegger was used in our 2010 Ai Program