About Us

 My parents obtained their first 8 simmental cows and calves in payment for the land that they had leased out in 1985 these few cows soon grew to 80  commercial breeding cows. We were impressed by there hardieness and ability to turn off a good vealer calf, which were sold at nine months of age. All of the cattle experienced  very cold winters with at least 3 good snow storms a year. So my love of the breed was established at a very young age.

Damian and myself purchased two cow calf units in 2007 from a dispersal in victoria. The bull calf from one of these cows was used extensivley in our cross bred herd with good results.

Damelee simmental stud was established in 2009 with the purchase of a heifer Woonallee Penny c122 from their annual elite production sale. This was then followed up with four cow calf units and two ptic heifers from the corinda downs dispersal sale. All these cows were polled which is the way we want to go with our breeding program. We are a totally grass fed operation, with cropping being our major enterprise the cattle have to be easy care and rear a calf every year to meet market specs. We like our cattle to be early maturing, soft, with plenty of muscle.